Welcome to the Clinical Coding Hub’s NCCQ Practical Mock Examination 3!

This mock exam is meticulously designed to mirror the structure, content, and rigour of the actual National Clinical Coding Qualification (NCCQ) Examination, providing candidates with a comprehensive and realistic preparation experience. Through this simulated examination, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the type of questions you will encounter on exam day, refine your clinical coding skills, and gauge your readiness for the official assessment.

Features of the Mock Exam:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our practice mock exam features a comprehensive selection of questions cover over 60 ICD-10 & OPCS-4 National Clinical Coding Standards, all crafted by accredited clinical coders.
  • Realistic Examination Environment: This mock exam is designed to mirror the real NCCQ exam environment closely, offering you an authentic rehearsal experience. This practical mock exam spans 3 hours and comprises 15 ICD-10 and 15 OPCS-4 Quickfire Questions, along with 7 Case Studies in areas such as Trauma & Orthopaedics, Obstetrics, Oncology, Vascular Surgery, and General Surgery.
  • Complete Answers and Explanations: For every question in the practice exam, we offer Index & Tabular Trails and provide the national clinical coding standard that is being applied. This invaluable resource will help you understand the rationale behind correct answers, learn from any mistakes, and improve your coding accuracy.
  • Marking and Grading Calculator: To offer you a clear insight into your performance, the mock exam includes a sophisticated marking and grading calculator. Calculate your marks based on our marking scheme, and use our marking and grade calculator that automatically calculates your grade based on your marks, enabling you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

How to Use This Mock Exam:

  1. Set Aside Uninterrupted Time: Allocate a time slot where you can take the mock exam without interruptions, mirroring the actual exam conditions as closely as possible.
  2. Review the Instructions Carefully: Before starting, read through the exam instructions thoroughly. Make sure you understand the format, the types of questions, and how to use the marking and grading calculator.
  3. Take the Exam: Proceed through the exam at a steady pace, ensuring you answer every question to the best of your ability. Remember to simulate an authentic exam experience by adhering to the time limits.
  4. Review Your Answers: After completing the mock exam, use the provided answers and explanations to review your work. Pay special attention to any errors to understand where you can improve.
  5. Calculate Your Score: Utilise the marking and grading calculator to assess your performance. This will give you a clear indication of your preparedness for the actual NCCQ examination.
  6. Reflect and Plan: Based on your mock exam results, identify areas where further study is needed. Adjust your preparation strategy accordingly to ensure you are as ready as possible for the real thing.

Good luck with your preparation! Remember, this mock exam is a tool to help you succeed. Use it wisely, and you will be well on your way to achieving your National Clinical Coding Qualification.

Disclaimer: Please note that while this mock exam is designed to be representative of the NCCQ exam, passing this mock does not guarantee a pass in the actual NCCQ exam. It is intended as a study tool to complement your preparation efforts. The Clinical Coding Hub independently creates the questions, answers, marking scheme and grade calculator for this mock exam. These components do not represent or align with the official marking schemes or grading methods used by IHRIM or NHS Digital.


For how long will the mock exams be available to me?
You will have access to the mock exams for a duration of 3 months.

What does my access include?
Your access grants you entry to all of the NCCQ Practical mock exams that are available on our website at present.

Does this Mock Exam reflect the latest ICD-10 and OPCS-4 National Clinical Coding Standards? Absolutely, it aligns with the most recent national clinical coding standards. We ensure it’s consistently updated throughout the year.

Are these Mock Exams newly created, or do they consist of previous exam papers?
All Mock Exams are originally crafted by us, serving as unique mock exam papers.

What is the process for participating in this Mock Exam?
The Mock Exam is conducted online and is accessible through our hosting platform.

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